Monday, January 27, 2014

Blog Spotlight: Hello, Gorgeous!

One of our favorite bloggers EVER also happens to be a fan of us! Yasi, a personal style blogger living in Southwest Michigan, cries when we cry over -30 degree weather and celebrates when we can finally kiss winter goodbye! She is the perfect blogger to follow if you live anywhere near the Midwest and need fashion inspiration no matter the season! With over 4 million views on her Hello, Gorgeous blog and over 7,000 followers on her Instagram: HelloGorgeousInsta, we are so fortunate to have her style our clothing and share it with all of her fans! 

Hello, Gorgeous! is totally unique with her styling and it looks amazing. I mean, she paired a plaid long sleeve top with our pearl neckline black sleeveless dress and it was jaw.dropping.beautiful. So, how does she do it and what kind of advice does she give for us fashion-challenged girls during these frigid months?

Yasi might just be the queen of layering and you know how much Flourish loves suggesting layers on these seemingly endlessly cold months. Here are a few ways Hello, Gorgeous! styled some of our dresses that you can wear this spring and also now with layers! 

Fitted Sweaters and Fun Patterns
One of our favorite patterns is obvious: Chevron. I am sure I have said this a thousand times in my posts. Unfortunately, we no longer have this particular dress in stock, but wanted to show you how she takes a patterned piece like this dress, and adds a few layers. Adding a fitted sweater and a few pieces of bling, the chevron pattern peeking out will enhance the look of your outfit! Style that shows off your personality…yes please! Here is a chevron skirt that you can mimic this same look with by adding a colorful top and additional layers! 

Another one of our dresses that has been amazingly styled is our Let the Wine Flow Dress, which can easily be a winter or spring dress! With so much detail on the neckline and bust, this specific dress doesn't need a lot of layering jewelry-wise. Yasi styled this with some adorable gold pumps that compliment the wine color and match her scarf. On these cold days, you can wear your spring dress just by adding a fitted sweater, scarf, and tights to stay warm! Here is a closer look at our Wine Dress currently in stock. 


One way that Yasi styles all of her outfits is with some bling! Statement necklaces, bracelets, watches; all of these are great ways to add an extra layer to your outfit and bring your entire look together. In every post, you will see Yasi highlights her wrist or neck bling. With Flourish moving and doubling our inventory in the coming months, we are extending our gifts and jewelry section! So that means you will see a lot more of this…

You know that emoji on your iPhone that has the smiley with the hearts in place of its eyes? Yeah..that's me. Right now. 

If you haven't had the chance to checkout Hello, Gorgeous! on her blog or Instagram, do that now! She posts daily inspirations on IG that will give you even MORE of an incentive to shop at Flourish ;) 

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I love Flourish!! Thanks for the fab post! <3