Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What to Wear: Super Bowl

Whether you love football or you don't, the chances of you ending up at a Super Bowl party this Sunday is pretty great. But what other option do you have? It's where the boys are at! So, if you aren't all about t-shirts, jerseys, and face paint, we are here to help. Whether you love it or not, we have some great options for you to rock the team you are cheering on, or an outfit just to stand out from the overwhelming blue and orange that will be present Sunday.

Firstly, let's take just a quick step away from fashion and talk football. Who are you cheering on? This is a difficult decision for me for two reasons: Peyton Manning and Golden Tate. Peyton played on the Colts for as long as I can remember, and I cheered on the Colts. When they ended their relationship with Manning, I ended my relationship with the Colts. The Seahawks? I love Golden Tate. He played for Notre Dame while I was in the band. He dove into the MSU marching band, and I was there. He loved the band and we loved him. So, you understand my predicament. 

Alright, back to fashion!

Seahawks and Stripes.
Most Super Bowl parties you will be hitting up on Sunday will be pretty casual but still will provide plenty of opportunity to look cute. If you are cheering on the Seahawks, you should be dawning either turquoise or dark blue color somewhere in your wardrobe. Not heading anywhere fancy? Checkout these great options for a casual football Sunday!
cute outfits for super bowl parties

Basic but Beautiful Batwing top in Aqua
Trunk Show Patterned Leggings

 If you aren't looking to spend a ton on a new outfit just for the big game, here is a subtle hint on which team you are cheering for!
Holes in Her Theory Mint Infinity Scarf

Or are you the type of girl that likes to dress up a little whenever there is a party? If so, we have the p.e.r.f.e.c.t. option. Colors, print, EVERYTHING! Even if you aren't a huge football fan, everyone will think you planned your outfit perfectly for the Seahawks arrival at the Super Bowl.
Precious Turquoise Dress

Peyton and Patterns
While we don't have too many items that are the beautiful (?) shade of orange that the Broncos have acquired as one of their colors. Okay, orange really isn't that bad…it just isn't a color you see too much at the beginning of Spring; at least not by itself. SO, we have a couple of super cute options that are stylish, yet subtly show that you are on the Bronco Bandwagon. Both of these fun tops have the opportunity to add a hint of colorful card (orange!) while still looking adorable! OR wear a dark blue cami with one of our coral necklaces with a hint of orange!

A Window to My Soul Blouse

Fringe Fanatic Top

Pebbles on the Beach Necklace

What's a Super Bowl?
Raise your hand if you're just going to a Super Bowl party for the free chips and picking out the team you're cheering on based on their "outfits"? If that's the case, here are a few outfits that will have all eyes on you while you stand out from the crowd! One in particular has BOTH Seahawks and Broncos pride!

colorful chevron dress

Always a Winner Tunic Dress

Sequins & Stripes Top

Scalloped So Sweetly Top

Whether you are cheering on a team or not, you will be looking fabulous in any one of these outfits from Flourish Boutique!

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