Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Big Reveal

If you are a fan of us on Facebook, you have probably already heard that we have a big announcement. Okay okay...this is literally the BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT WE HAVE EVER HAD! All of us here at Flourish are super excited to fill you all in on what has been going on up in Granger, Indiana. I have to make this a short and sweet blog or else I will spill the beans...that's how excited I am :)

Not only do we have some amazing news, but we are also celebrating in AMAZING ways both before and after the announcement. I can't say too much about what will be going on after the announcement, but I can tell you about our amazing giveaway going on over on our Facebook page as well as our Instagram (FlourishBoutique) page!

flourish boutique granger indiana

So I don't really need to tell you how AWESOME this giveaway is. A $50 gift card every month for an ENTIRE YEAR?! Ugh. Jealous. That is one beautiful closet in just a years time.

how to organize your closet

dream closet

If you, by chance, are still reading this after everything you read above, THANKS! I wouldn't blame you if you already left me to jump on this amazing opportunity. Here are a few of my choices if I were to win the Flourish for a Year Giveaway. >sniff sniff< 

How to style a sequin tank
I can't help but love this Sequins and Stripes top that we are currently selling. I, like every other girl on this planet, am attracted to sparkle. I have to have it. I have to touch it. Why else did I get married other than to have this sparkle on my finger? (kidding!) I also can't help but to love this top because it is one of those pieces that I can wear now with a cardigan, but also wear it later by itself! My husband will be the first to tell you how much we both love variety. I love it because then I can wear this MORE and he loves it because we save more! Not to mention, black and white is on trend for this Spring :)

peach pink piko top

 I gotta get this Piko Top in Peach before it sells out. I'm sure that is going to happen very soon and it breaks my heart. I am just crossing my fingers that it lasts until the next time I work. Not only is this top adorable, it is also incredibly comfortable and SUPER trendy. Throw on some of our awesome fleece lined leggings (my fav below), you have yourself a super cute and stylish outfit!

how to style patterned leggings

Those are a few of my top choices if I were to win our AMAZING giveaway! What would you choose if you won Flourish for a Year?! Comment below! And don't forget to shop Flourish on the website!!


Rachael Thompson said...

I love your tunics, dresses, and leggings. Gotta have me some Flourish!

Tina said...

As much as I do like shopping at the local outlet mall, I absolutely love being able to find items at Flourish that are unique! I've found some fun pieces for work, vacation, and date night with my husband:). Flourish is definitely worth the drive! I love the striped-sequined top and the black and white leggings! Looking forward to better weather so I can come in and try them on.

Crystal Stapleton said...

I would love some tunics & leggings!!!

cannadycc said...

Color Science dress for me if I'm the lucky one! Wow as of 11 p.m. there are over 1,300 fb shares for the contest, woohoo!

Ellen said...

Love this dress - http://flourishboutique.com/aztec-alamode-dress.html

Heather Williamson said...

Love my red jacket paired with my patterned leggings. Also, the black draped sweater...can't get enough Flourish!

Katy said...

Love this cardigan!!
I'm picturing it in fall with some boots picking pumpkins :)