Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Big Reveal......Flourish IS On the MOVE!

Dear Flourish Fans;

It is with tremendous excitement that we formally announce: Flourish is relocating into a new space inside Centennial Place, which will DOUBLE our square footage and inventory offerings!

After weeks of keeping it hush hush, we can finally let you all in on our secret!  We are indeed moving our store.  Come the end of February or maybe the beginning of March, you won't find Flourish at 16021 Cleveland Rd anymore....our new home will be at 213 W. Cleveland Rd, Granger, In 46530.  We will be located in the same complex as Chico's, Talbots, and the new and ever popular Gigi's Cupcakes!   Our new space is HUGE and we cannot wait to launch a new version of Flourish for you all: with much more inventory and many upgrades for your shopping experience!  (Read on for more details)

 A Schematic for what The COMING SOON FLOURISHwill look like!

For some time now, we have been growing so rapidly that we were truly outgrowing the space we have had for almost five years in the historic house at the corner of Cleveland Rd and Main St.  This fall the outgrowing became undeniable.  We outgrew the space in every way, and all at once: when inventory arrived in boxes it overflowed our back room, when we got busy our parking had to overflow to lots across the street, we found that we didn't have enough dressing rooms, we didn't have enough check out stations, and our web team grew from 2 to 6 people all operating out of one tiny office.  Our photo shoots take place on a roll down backdrop which covered up the web processing counter during shoots (talk about maximizing space!).  Even our internet signal and phone lines were being overloaded and overused!  We have been simply bursting!  And, the truth is...we have YOU to thank!  We work hard to offer you great merchandise and great customer service...but we would be nothing without all of you and your tremendous support!  So thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for being such a loyal, supportive customer!  

So, right as the realization began to dawn on me that we would need to move....something happened that made it clear, like a lightning bolt, that indeed a move was the right step forward.  On BLACK FRIDAY MORNING (yes the BUSIEST day of the whole year) I received a notice from our current land lord, letting me know that the land Flourish currently rests on had been sold to a developer and our lease was coming to an end.  As many of you know, while the land at our corner and the surrounding area has been sold, the historic home CANNOT be torn down and must be physically moved down the rd. somewhere.  While it might have been a nice thought or sentimental to consider staying with the house, and moving along with it down the road....the reality is that our business just has outgrown the house.  And with that letter (a clear sign from heaven), I knew and had 100% peace that Flourish was truly ready to move and expand.

After much deliberation and consideration, we settled on Centennial Place as our next home.  We love the historic charm, similar to the kind we have now, that the plaza has to offer.  It's right down the road from our current location and boasts much more parking, as well as easier ingress and egress for all of you, our wonderful customers.  Oh, and did we mention that we are excited about being next door to a cupcake store???!  Could be bad, lol!  

While it is bittersweet to say goodbye to the historic house that we have been so blessed to occupy for 5 years...we are truly blessed in turn by this new space and opportunity as well.  Let me share with you some of the amazing things you can look forward to in our new space!  In addition to doubling our space and inventory, we will double our dressing room capacity from 3 to 6.  We will also now offer 3 checkout stations in store (instead of 2) AND we will have one in a back room so we can take more phone orders for your convenience!  We will be expanding our offerings of accessories and jewelry, stocking more sizes and variety of our clothes, adding some new designers, and increasing selection in things like spanx and layering tunics too!  Oh, did I mention we will have a whole shoe section?!  Other improvements behind the scenes will include a permanent and professional photo studio, more office space for our website team, more phone lines and much more.  What does all of this mean? Essentially that hat if you loved Flourish before, we are about to blow your mind with an EVEN BETTER shopping experience!  We hope you are excited, as we are, for the new and improved Flourish coming your way soon!

Owner, Vanessa, inside of the new Flourish space, which is currently being remodeled
Over the next month or two, we know you will have a lot of questions.  Feel free to message us on Facebook or comment on social media, etc anytime you have a question about the move.  Our goal, though, is that the move interrupt "business as usual" as little as possible.  In other words, we will be open online throughout the entire process and continue to ship and help you with orders as usual.  The store in our current location will stay open as well, until the very day we move and we will try to have as little down time as possible.  Other good news: we will be posting photos of the store move and new store renovations throughout the whole process, so that you are in the front seat for this exciting time!  We'd even love your input...let us know if there are designers you want at Flourish or anything you would love to see in our new store!  

So, in sum, thank you for being an awesome customer and making this possible!  We can't wait to celebrate with you at our new store...and in the meantime make sure to come shop a time or two more at our sweet, historic house's hard to believe soon it will be just a memory:)

XOXO, Vanessa
Owner, Flourish Boutique

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