Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What To Wear: Wedding Edition

It's that time of the year again...love is in the air! Friends and family are getting married and you have to look your best! But what is that?! You have nothing to wear?! OH NO! 

Good news...Flourish is at your service and ready to help you be the 2nd best dressed woman at the wedding ;) We have A LOT of dresses that are perfect for the occasions. Whether the ceremony is in the evening or daytime...we have you covered. 

Evening weddings: 
If the ceremony starts after 5, usually it is considered an evening wedding. We recommend for those to stick to darker, deeper colors. Dark blues, blacks, deep purples are PERFECT for those occasions. Attire that is classy and sophisticated is great for the evening event.Complete any of these outfits with a bright statement necklace and heels. It will really make the outfit POP!

Here are some suggestions to look your best on that special night!
Black and White floral dress wedding attire

Black Lace Classy Dress Wedding Attire

Black and white floral dress summer wedding

Royal Blue Open Back Dress

 Daytime Weddings: 
Daytime weddings are more common, especially in the summer! For these we would recommend a cute summer dress that is fun and bright! Light blues, corals, pinks and yellows would be beautiful! These colors compliment your new summer tan and will look stunning under the warm sun! Complete the outfit with a bold necklace and wedges for the perfect wedding look. 

Here are our suggestions to look your best on the special day!

Blue and White striped summer dress

The only rule is...no white or ivory! It is the brides day to shine, let her stick to those colors ;) Flourish is ALWAYS receiving new items and we have a ton more on the website than shown here. Check out the website to see our other options! www.flourishboutique.com

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