Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Women Crush Wednesday: Our Store Manager Nicole

Flourish is blessed to have amazing customers, an amazing group of models, and an amazing team that is like family.  Today, we are crushing on one of our own: our beautiful store manager Nicole Hughes. Today marks her fifth year anniversary at Flourish and we want to celebrate Nicole and all she brings to Flourish!  

We are having a little surprise party for her here at the store, complete with cupcakes and balloons!  And we're having a one day only flash sale in her honor too!  Simply use coupon code NICOLE at checkout at to save 30% off everything!  Sale is good in store or if you are local please stop by and congratulate Nicole:)  

Also, our store owner, Vanessa, wrote this letter to honor Nicole and we want to share it with you!  

Dear Nicole;

It’s hard to believe it has been five years now since we first met and you joined the Flourish family.  On the other hand, it seems strange to think that there was ever a day before I met you in some ways…it seems like we have known each other forever, just like family.  But on that note, I’d like to wish you a very happy five year anniversary of working at Flourish and take a moment to honor you and your incredible service.

It is hard for me to put into words how deeply grateful I am to you.   I have been looking forward to today for months, so that I could have an opportunity to honor you! When I reflect on the past five years, there are countless memories that come to mind.  The sum of these memories though is that in all of them, you are and always have been an incredible employee, friend, and leader for our store.  You are kind, loyal, giving, hard working, and do everything with excellence.  Below are some of my favorite memories, which demonstrate these amazing qualities.

Each and every day I get to witness your incredible heart and kindness.  Even when you may be going through something in your personal life, you come to work with a smile and treat all of us Flourish girls with love and kindness.  You offer to get me lunch almost every day, and you offer your help for anything I need in general be it big or small, and I always know you mean it 100%.  I also see you talk with customers who are struggling with things, and I know that you really care.  And, I know that other people see this too:  I get countless compliments about you with people exclaiming and raving about how kind and genuine and loving you are!  It’s true!  And you bring that warmth and love to Flourish, making it a very special place to work at and a special place to shop at too! 

When Flourish first started it was a tough road.  There were many years of trials, growing pains, and much to overcome being a new business in the midst of the Great Recession. You worked with your whole heart, overcoming every challenge.  And not only did you stick with me during these hard times, but you always encouraged me: pushing me forward with hope and positive reinforcement.  Flourish's success and prosperity today is only possible because of your tremendous work and loyalty to our mission!

There have been so many things we waited for over the years, and had to work towards.  Whether it was a raise you so deserved….or even the right computers and systems…you have always been patient and trusting: knowing that as soon as I could I would provide what was needed….and you always made the best of it no matter what.  And you have been patient with me too!  I can remember getting ready for one of our first Overstock sales and being almost beside myself, with stress and sleeplessness: and even despite me being crabby and agitated that day, you just kept going, helping us get ready, and having 100% patience and love for me!  Thank you so much!

Giving Heart
In addition to being kind and loving, you are also very giving.  I have seen you give all your Christmas money to others….I’ve seen you buy things from artists that come in and are trying so hard to make it, you give me diets cokes all the time, and you give to your other co-workers too.  You have such a generous spirit and it brings out the generosity in others around you too! 

Hard Work
There have been so many times you stayed with me or even often past me way into the night, to prepare or merchandise the store for big events, fashion shows, and sales.  And when you set your mind to doing something, even if it’s a yucky job like cleaning out a storage attic in the heat of summer: you always see it through and bring your wonderful energy and hard working nature to every project.   It’s hard to get you to leave sometimes, because you are such a hard worker who cares so much about the success of the store.  What you may not know is this encourages me so much to work hard myself and keep going.  During the store move, I was SO tired.  I had given it my all to the point of pure exhaustion.  And at the end, during the big push to get the store moved and reopened in a matter of a few days: your drive to get it all ready, really helped me keep going.  Thank you for all the times you have stayed late, cleaned out storage closets, moved merchandise up down and all around, created schedules at home in the wee hours of the night, trucked merchandise to fashion shows and sales, and all the other things you do both seen and unseen to make Flourish incredible!

A Commitment to Excellence
In addition to working hard….you also work with excellence.  You put your best into all you do.  From managing our team, to being a great friend, to the schedule, to styling fashion shows, and merchandising the store: everywhere you go you do things with attention to detail and excellence.  Thank you for making Flourish customer service, employee management, fashion shows, displays and much more so special and well done.  You are so very, very good at your job! 

The truth is these are just some of the amazing qualities you have….and I could go on and on.  But, if you take one thing away from this I hope you remember: that I thank you from the bottom of my heart for five incredible years!  Now, Flourish is thriving and doing so well.  We have come through much together.   And I want everyone to know that if they love Flourish, it is in large part because of what you have helped it become!   Thank you so much, Nicole!  I am so incredibly grateful to you and all you do!

Love, Vanessa

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