Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#WCW: Our Model Katlynn

This weeks Woman Crush Wednesday is our gorgeous model Katlynn! Originally from Buchannan, Michigan, Katlynn joins the fleet of Flourish girls who are also Saint Mary's Belles! We having been crushing on Katelynn for a few years now and you can see why! Look at how cute she was when she first started modeling for us almost TWO YEARS AGO! 
When Katlynn isn't studying for finals or working with the Miss America Organization (she was Miss Blossomtime 2013!), you will find her relaxing with family and friends or catching up with her fav shows on Netflix. Check out this gorgeous headshot of her for her upcoming pageant in October!

One thing that we LOVE about Katlynn is her love for Flourish and friends! Here she is wearing a Flourish romper and headband with her bestie for the restie and Flourish model Roxie!
Katlynn's three words to describe herself also describe her personality! Classy, bold, and fun are her three words for style and we couldn't agree more. She is SUCH a fun person to be around and such a classy lady.
When we asked Katlynn what her favorite part about modeling for Flourish was, she said, "I really love all the people that I have met at Flourish. I started modeling my junior year of high school so I have also gotten the opportunity to watch Flourish grow into the raging success that it is today. Vanessa is one of the most hard working and kind people I have ever met and it is truly an honor to be a part of her journey."
We are so lucky that Katlynn goes to school close so we don't have to say goodbye this Fall!

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Photographer: Meagan Gilbert Photography

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