Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Flourish Boutique is growing. It's exciting. It's a huge blessing, and we are so proud of how far we have come. New customers walk into our store every day and old customers still come see us daily too! Thank-you to everyone for all of your support; we couldn't have done it without all of you!

In the growth of the store, it has become evident that our customers have always wanted and continue to desire a dynamic, regularaly updated website. So...you asked and we are ready to deliver! We are excited to announce that now no matter WHERE you are, or WHAT TIME it is, you too can shop all of the fabulous FLOURISH fashions, accessories, jewelry and more! Simply go to http://www.flourishboutique.com/ and check out out fantastic e-tail site! You can search by what's new, by categories, be designers, and much more. Plus, you can organize your view by price and order, etc. We think it's really easy to navigate and we are confident that you will love it! Plus, HINT HINT: now through September 15th anyone can get 25% off their ENTIRE first order on our website simply by entering code: WEB25 at checkout! We hope you will come shop with us soon!

You may be wondering how we are able to offer this website now whereas before we could not keep up with it: well that is the fun part! We have committed to keeping the website fresh and up to date by hiring someone full time to manage it and run that side of the business. We are super proud to announce that Laurie Balla has joined the FLOURISH team as our Website Sales and Marketing Director! Laurie is one of those rare, amazingly talented people who are both right and left brained: she has a passion for art and fashion and yet has a background in computer programming! She is the perfect person to lead our new website venture. She will be available to help customers over the phone or via email in the same way that the FLOURISH girls are happy to help in store! Laurie is incredibly gifted and helping people put together outfits and would love to help you decide what website piece would be the best fit for you!

Meet Laurie: isn't she stunning?
So if you order off the web and you get a pretty package in the mail: complete with the famous FLOURISH leopard tissue paper and pretty packaging, it was Laurie who put the person touches on your package! And if you get your items and need to do a return or exchange or have a question you can reach Laurie at 574-277-PINK or via email at Laurie@FlourishBoutique.com.

That brings up the last thing I wanted to tell you all about: what we aim for in customer service for our website! Note that our website URL still has the word boutique in it: http://www.flourishboutique.com/. There's a reason we are leaving the word Boutique in our web name! And it's not because of pricing, as actually Flourish has surprisingly affordable prices especially for a specialty store. It's because we aim to recreate that "boutique" experience in online shopping: we want to make you feel special, such that when you shop with us you feel like you really treated yourself. That's why in addition to Laurie being available to help you personally over the phone or internet, we will be offering some great personal perks and touches. First off, for every purchase over $50 we are going to always include a free gift! This month we are including some "pearl" stud earrings! Each month the gift will change but the perk will not! Plus, on orders over $100 shipping will be free and we will offer free returns. And, expect your package to come with all the traditional FLOURISH BOUTIQUE pizazz! We will be wrapping items in Leopard tissue with a FLOURISH seal and sending you your receipt in a little card as well. PLus, HINT HINT: we might just send along a coupon for your next visit to http://www.flourishboutique.com/ as well! So, basically, you NEED to come check out our online store! You'll love it!

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